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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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live from the channels four studios in boston, wbz news at 11 starts right now. at 11, austin bracing for our first real case of winter snow, ice, freezing rain from the last. morning commute. >> dozens of trucks hitting the road spreading sand and salt the streets's safe >> we are getting a look at the storm from space.>> some of those first flakes are starting to move in.>> here we have cold arctic air in place. looking at the radar you get a sense for what is going on with cold air being held in from high-pressure to the north and
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starts to spread out. pretty much none of this is reaching the ground just yet. a few areas of light snow around the hudson river valley. sleep is starting to move in our direction. most of what falls will end up being sleep. temperatures in the 20s to around 30. we are starting to warm up across the islands. as we watch this hour by hour, here's the idea. over the next few hours, snow starts to hit the ground but quickly. tomorrow morning, we get the color moving its way in. that is the sleep, a wintry mix. many areas change from snow to ice pellets. at 7 am, the last of the snow is starting to get off the ground. essex county will be the last area to hold onto that snow. midmorning, many of us are into the sleep. this is not really a big event for eastern massachusetts. brief wintry mix there.
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morning, we focus in 495 n. and west. that's where temperatures will likely stay close to freezing. we will have sleet and raising rain. the line continues north towards midday. temperatures for many topping 40 degrees along the coast. what are we talking about in terms of snow? lot -- not a lot. a couple of inches, maybe four in northern massachusetts. the snow will get compacted by sleet and freezing rain, most likely in central massachusetts. all told, not a major storm, but is a wintry mix, a lot of ice, most of it around the morning drive. things will improve during the afternoon. we will talk more about the forecast and look forward to new year's eve shortly.
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safe. >> reporter: weren't you hoping to see some flakes? not many people were. this and pio has been sitting here for months waiting to be spread. crews will finally begin treating the roads sometimes -- sometime after midnight. it won't exactly be backbreaking, but it will certainly be a nuisance. it's just enough to make a manager at a local hardware store smile.>> i have people here at 8:00 when the doors open. it was like black friday.>> reporter: wurster solve nearly 120 inches of snow last season. some were wondering if we would see any this season.>> the past few months, had you been staring at this display wondering when you were going to sell it?>> i would see a couple flakes be very excited.>> -- >> reporter: there is definitely that first storm thrill in the air when everyone
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hoping that you would coast through the winter? >> i was really hoping. i'm tired of snow.>> did you have a shovel last year?>> i did, but it broke.>> because the winter was so awful?>> yes. i broke two shovels last year.>> what happened to your last shovel?>> it wore out.>> reporter: something new this year, deicer.>> people take a flight during the winter, very similar to that.>> reporter: are crunchy heavy bag of ice melt. people try to make the best. something else new this year, prioritizing winter storms.
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julie long check. people are pulling out snowplows, breaking out the shovels. most people are not too worried about the storm.>> i don't think it will be a big deal. my husband thinks there will be a lot. he thinks there will be tons and tons of snow.>> that brings us to our number of the night, 1400. that's how many flights been canceled across the country thanks to the storm system. after those cancellations were at chicago's main airports.>> our weather app. you can get alerts and radar. tomorrow morning, we will have team coverage of the storm. eric will come back to join danielle starting at 4:30. the boston police are keeping a high profile after a threat against the city. we're live with developing details in boston.
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into a 911 call center in new york city this morning. the caller saying very little specific except that there were threats directed at boston. boston police were quick to point out the anonymous phone call made no specific threat. no place, no time, no device. for that reason, they question the calls credibility from the outset.>> i live around the corner. anytime you hear that you get nervous, but everyone is a littles -- a little unsettled but hopefully there is no actual threat>> reporter: the confirmed federal authorities are aware of the threat. it came in when someone came to -- called nypd and made boston. dispatcher asked for more detailers, the caller hung very scary. it is a concern for the people who do live here.
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released a statement saying they are monitoring the statement -- situation, which seemed to sue people just fine. orr we have a non-credible threat, it's hard because they can create a lot of havoc. you don't really know what to do.>> there needs to be more investigation. who knows? we all have to be careful, but you also have to go about your day.>> reporter: boston police largely agreeing with that last statement, saying it's business as usual. they did say this afternoon they plan to make sure they keep up very high visibility profile, especially at large public events. jim armstrong, the bbc news. a city on edge tonight, protesters taking to the streets after learning no charges will be filed in the death of a 12-year-old in cleveland. police shot and killed tamir rice in 2014 at a park near his home. the 12-year-old was holding a toy gun. the officers involved in the
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after reviewing surveillance video from that park, the lead prosecutor felt -- said the officer who fired the shot felt threatened. investigators tell us a group forced their way inside an apartment to save a woman trapped in a fire. we are told two of the officers also suffered smoke inhalation. police have found the car allegedly used in a hit-and-run sunday night but have not rested anyone. yaai chen was crossing route 60 in front of her apartment building when she was hit and killed by a driver who took off. a molding teenager stealing an suv and crashing into a coffee shop. police tell us cruz tried telling -- hailing a cab for a
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donald trump calling new hampshire's largest newspaper a pile of garbage. the paper published a scathing report calling trumps candidacy an insult to voters. >> it is not a good paper. you know it is dying. i don't think it will be in business more than two years. you don't try to hurt somebody that has been helping you. it really has done a good job. you can have it.>> reporter: also fired back out chris christie. jeb bush campaigns in new hampshire tomorrow and host a town meeting tomorrow night. former florida government -- gov. making headlines for showing of his selfie skills. he says the selfie is now the 11th amendment of the bill of rights. police are investigating a major hack attack at a local credit union. hundreds of yensi credit union customers were targeted by
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hacker stole thousands of dollars from bank accounts. investigation to make sure this does not include any other banks. an everyman -- everett man involved in the standoff will face a judge to the community. he surrendered christmas day after five hours. he is behind bars waiting for his next hearing. the two women who saw a man throw a baby into a river and it up costing taxpayers $50,000. the mother and daughter duo pled not guilty in court. both are accused of lying to police about that incident. still ahead, new developments drug scandal compe it -- involving payton manning.>> why the nfl is getting involved tonight. this year's hot holiday toy forcing shoppers to evacuate a mall. what chipotle is doing differently after dozens of
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their food. the first snowflakes of the season are working their way into night. we will have a timeline for your morning drive and new year's eve coming up. energy supply rates at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price
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so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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the nfl is launching an investigation tonight into reports that payton manning use performance-enhancing drugs. and surrounds an al jazeera report claiming that manning's wife received hgh from an antiaging clinic in indianapolis. the quarterback has denied the accusations and says he is considering taking legal action. new video shows a hoverboard exploding inside a busy mall in houston. evacuate the building. it is not the first time this has happened. there have been several reports of hoverboards starting fires and homes. airlines to ban them on planes. parents are feeling the
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videos of adults wiping out on the devices are flooding social media. # hoverboard fails has gone viral. experts predict a big rise in injuries regarding hoverboards. chipotles taking steps to make sure no one else gets sick from their food. the restaurant will now shred cheese as soon as it arrives and chop onions with lime juice to kill germs. chipotles under fire after e. coli outbreaks sickened hundreds in several states. dozens became sick after eating at the cleveland circle location in boston that was traced to a narrow virus. a snow storm is expected to follow a trail of tornadoes that struck texas. 11 died in those twisters and dangerous weather is not over. the state is still bracing for as much is a foot of snow.>> that same system caused dangerous driving conditions in oklahoma. sick -- thick ice knocked out
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homes. not expecting anything like that around here although it is that same storm. for us, it should seem more a gradual easing to winter. >> we are getting ready for winter weather. take a look at your storm headlines. a wintry mess. we are basically looking at a brief period of snow that changes over the ice eventually some rainfall. the main impact the 20 1 am and 11 am. good news is school is already canceled for the most part. accumulations will not be large. it's more of the ice that will be a factor. here is the setup. recently is is a classic icy set up. this storm system is bringing in the milder air above. you don't get a pure snowflake, the snowflake melts three freezes near the ground you can see the action on the radar. we have warm, tropical air
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it runs into that dome of cold and spreads out as snow, saleh, and freezing rain. a couple of reports from western massachusetts, light snow beginning to reach the ground. flurries. a lot of this is not been is evaporated on the way down. temperatures are around 30 the islands. here is your hour by hour. bottom line, we start with some snow tonight very quickly it changes over to sleep. it is not hail, it is sleep that's coming down. as we head into tomorrow morning, we're looking at mainly sleet and areas of freezing rainfall. the south coast is already changing over to rain. where we might hold onto the snow longer, manchester over
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as we had passed good morning, the only area that will hold onto wintry precipitation outside for 95, we will have areas of sleet and freezing rain continuing. regular rainfall across boston and down towards the cake. by the afternoon, everything tapers off. there might be a little spotty freezing and drizzle remaining across the interior. not much snow, a coating to maybe 2 inches for boston and points south. 2-4 of -- along the border of new hampshire. we will have sleet and freezing rain that compacts everything. it will not be an enjoyable storm. some people enjoy some snowfall. this is not pure. the best chance of freezing rain across the berkshires in central massachusetts, not expecting big power outages. a couple of isolated outages
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we are not looking at damaging wind gusts. it's all about what is falling from the sky, snow and ice. tomorrow we hit 40 in boston. the colder air here locked in along for 95 and points for the north and west. this snowfall? it's late. wurster, the first measurable snowfall record. as we look towards the warmest december, this is not going to slow it down. we have the warmest december ever recorded in the boston area. we look towards new year's eve. we have dryer conditions moving in wednesday and thursday. rain showers possible wednesday night. they will not have an impact on new year's eve. we're looking at a chilly night but not too uncomfortable new year's eve. new year's day, we stay in the upper 30s to around 40. not anticipating major weather. the weekend? we are getting into our new calendar year. colder air saturday and sunday. we stay in the 30s. we may stay in the 30s and even
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news for the ski areas. wave goodbye to the december that felt more like april. >> i enjoyed it. that is the record. the coldest february? not so much.>> a year of records. the boston bruins. this could be classic --. >> what it means for the boston
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call it the coin toss heard round the world. yesterday the patriots went into overtime, and they won home toss, -- the coin toss, they give control to the jets.>> that was kind of ugly. what is bill belichick saying? >> it has been talked about as naughty and -- ad nausea -- nauseum. after the game, bella check said there was no confusion. if you think he had second
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opportunity. that's why we did it. i didn't like the way it worked out, but to me, that was the right decision for our team at that time. >> that's that. earlier tonight, monday night football viewing party benefits the american diabetes association. hightower with teammates took photos & autographs while watching the bengals versus the broncos in denver. it is important game. the bengals and broncos right now tied at 17 in the fourth quarter. whoever wins will still have a shot at the afc playoffs depending on how the next few games go. in other news, a player made a splash racking up 51 yards against the titans.
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be the main back losing -- moving forward. the season finale against the dolphins is up next. check out patriots all access on wbz. in hockey, bad news for the bruins. david krejci out for at least a week with an upper body injury. an injury during the second period. krejci was quote week to week. he was seen wearing a sling on his right arm. preparations for winter crafts continues. the lake appears to be near completion. we are four days away from the bruins canadiens on new year's day.
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exchange for four minor leaguers. he through the 62 fastest pitches in baseball last season. he joins a loaded bullpen featuring miller. there you go. the yankees making moves, the rich get richer. are you ready for the return of winter?>> jon keller has a timely reminder of what you
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it looks like our respite from winter is ending. >> tonight jon keller is wondering if you are ready with the proper tools and techniques to make it through the snow and sleet.
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nothing to worry about now that our streak of snow galus -- no less -- days without snow is over. as every new englander knows, sturdy boots are a must in your battle with the elements. i also use these to cover political speeches. time to break out the parka. hey look, last year's met the lift us. the most important item of all, a warm winter hat like this one. it also doubles as a high fashion accessory. now we are ready to check our tools. these are shovels, the basic weapons of war, which i really don't need anymore since i got myself this new snowblower. now clearing the snow is as easy as one, two, three. one, two, three.
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we have cleared the snow and ice. what if a deep freeze sets and? we will have to fight the onset of the ice age with this substance which will clear the ice using a totally natural process, i am sure. wow. look at it work. and now the secret to safe driving and wintry weather. something few drivers seem to know about. see this thing here? this is your break battle, right next -- brake pedal, right next to the gas. it will slow you down and help you avoid crashing. don't worry if you think you don't have one. i am pretty sure these come standard. all kidding aside, speed and tailgating are the major causes of these accidents and the first snow of the year is the
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been doing it for a while. a very long time, this is the end of december. >> because we deserve to break. coming up, we will update the forecast. >> we will be right back
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we have our first blast of winter coming. >> the first snowflakes falling. this storm is mostly sleep. combine, probably on the higher side here. we have a grainy icy mess tomorrow morning. it will not add up to a lot but will make things difficult. we are back in the 40s for wednesday and thursday. by tomorrow afternoon, the conditions will be much improved.>> you have to take it slowly on the road. it is the mix stuff that can get you. >> just want to make sure everybody gets through the first winter event without many
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>> and you'll be back in the morning?
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